Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Obamas: beautiful and smart and well-mannered.

It's so nice to have a First Family in the White House who isn't hanging out dirty linen to embarrass the country. Well mannered folks are just so much easier to have around. They have set a demeanor that is contagious, as evident in the delighted masses of humanity not only in D.C., but literally around the world. Seeing Daddy Warbucks in a wheel chair was also a comforting site, somehow. It is very hard to see the mess they made of the country, not to mention the universe and have any goodwill towards them. They and their ilk will be going on with their lives with vaults full of filthy luker from the spoils of war and pillaging, with no thought to the American blood on their hands. Is there no justice? Thank God for the Obamas! Obamas make you feel the way you feel as a little kid after you are lost, alone and frightened and then familiar faces find you. You can feel yourself relaxing, content in the reality that they have arrived to make things all better. It's a big job, but I think we finally picked the right person to handle the job.

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